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Welcome to E. Wilson Morrison’s Library.

The library is located on the second floor of the school. With over 12,000 books and access to 50 e-books, the library has a book to interest all students. The library provides many resources for teachers as well as shares literature and digital literacy lessons with students.

Using the Library/ Policies

Each student will visit the library with their class once a week.

1. Check-Out a. Kindergarten through second grade can check out 1 book each week. Third grade through fifth grade can check out 2 books each week.

2. Overdue Books a. There is not a fee for forgetting a book for a week. Students may not check out new books until overdue books are returned

3. Lost Books

a. Books that are not returned within a month of checking them out will be marked as lost and the student will be given a receipt for the replacement cost of the book.

b. Students may not check out new books until lost books are returned or the fee is paid.

c. If the replacement fee is paid and the book is found, a refund will be issued for one year after the loss occurred.

Finding Books To find materials in the library quickly and easily, always check the online catalog first. If you are having problems please ask Mrs. Goodrich or Mrs. Kelley for help.


E- Books

All of our e-books require an internet connection, but can also be read by many patrons at one time.

To find e-books:

1. Go to the Destiny Catalog (link above)

2. One set is on the Home page

3. To find others please click on catalog

4. Search electronic books

5. Click on the title

6. Find the web link

7. All usernames and passwords are included in the title information


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