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The mission of Warren County Public Schools is to provide quality educational opportunities for all students to achieve their highest academic learning potential, develop positive core values reflective of our community, and be prepared for higher education and/or the workforce. We strive to deliver an educational program respected statewide through the commitment and expertise of qualified school administrators, teachers, and school staff. We will provide appropriate instructional resources and current technology. We will seek to achieve the mission through community support, active parental involvement, and business partnerships. 

The technology plan supports the mission of Warren County Public Schools which provides students with the information, skills, and tools that will encourage and enable them to be complex thinkers, effective communicators, self-directed learners, and responsible citizens. 

2016 - 2018 WCPS Educational Technology Plan

Instructional Technology
Teacher Chromebook Training

FCC Erate Category I bids

WCPS submitted a FCC form 470 for category I services on 3/27/2017.  The following section is for vendor information regarding the current 470 bid process.

Services requested:

* Cellular Voice, 52 lines.

* Internet Access, dedicated internet connection with at least 600 Mbps

* Voice services includes local and long distance for 65 lines including 6 PRI lines.

Due to FCC regulations vendor questions and technology director answers must be made public.  

Vendor questions:

Q:  Can you please confirm if your current dedicated internet services are set to expire in 2017 and if you’re actively entertaining another provider, or if this request is simply to qualify for ongoing E-Rate funding?
A:  Yes our current internet services are set to expire on 6/30/2017
You can find the public information here regarding our internet contract at the following address:

Q: Would the District accept Hosted VoIP or SIP trunking for its C1 voice requests?
A:  We need to have dedicated lines for phones independent of our internet connection and internal network.  In case of a crisis or emergency situation we need to have an ability to call outside.

Q: How many extensions / DID's / and physical locations do you have?
A: We have 15 locations.  90 lines lines between those locations which include fax lines, PRI, POTS lines for elevators, alarms, and fire panels.  We currently have 800 extensions through our internal VoIP network.

Q: What is the length of terms for the internet contract?
A: 36 months.

Q: What make model VoIP system do you have?
A: We are using Cisco Unified Communications Systems. Cisco Unity, Publisher, Emergency responder, and Informacast.  Running on Unity version 9.  Please keep in mind we are asking for local and long distance service.

Q:  Can you clarify on what you mean by needing to keep local.  Are you referring to the POTs lines?  If so, would you want us to quote that or could you stay with your current carrier on those?
A: We need local service to POTS lines, main line, and failover.  The original narrative states that we are asking for local and long distance for 61 lines and 6 PRI lines.  Quote it all together please.

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