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Principles of the Biomedical Sciences (PLTW) (Grade 9) 8379C,

1 Credit Prerequisite: None Course Description: In this course, students are taught concepts of human body systems and explore the body through diseases such are those leading to cardiac arrest, diabetes, sickle cell, cholesterol issues, and infectious diseases. The activities and projects introduce students to human physiology, medicine, and research processes. Expectation and Assessment: Students also explore medical interventions and are taught to write a scientific grant as a culminating activity.

Human Body Systems (PLTW) (Grade 10) 8380C,

1 Credit Prerequisite: Principles of Biomedical Sciences I Course Description: In this course, students examine the interactions of body systems as they explore identity, communication, power, movement, protection and homeostasis. Students design experiments, investigate the structures and functions of the human body, and use data to monitor body functions such as muscle movement, reflex and voluntary action, and respiration. Expectations: Students will work collaboratively to investigate and design solutions for the health challenges of the 21st century.

Medical Interventions (PLTW) (Grades 11-12) 8381C, 1 Credit Prerequisite: Human Body Systems Course Description: Students investigate a variety of interventions involved in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease as they follow the life of a fictitious family. The course is a “How To” manual for maintaining overall health and homeostasis in the body. Students explore how to prevent and fight infection; screen and evaluate the code in human DNA; prevent diagnose and treat cancer; and prevail when the organs of the body begin to fail. Through these scenarios, students are exposed to a range of interventions related to immunology, surgery, genetics, pharmacology, medical devices, and diagnostics. This course is designed for 11th and 12th grade students.

Biomedical Innovation (PLTW) (Grade 12) 8382C,

1 Credit Prerequisite: Medical Interventions Course Description: In this specialization course for Project Lead the Way (PLTW), students are taught concepts of human physiology, medical innovation, water contamination, public health issues, molecular biology, and forensic autopsy. Students complete an independent project as a culminating activity

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