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Health Sciences Academy

Valley Health System partners with the public schools of Winchester City, Clarke, Frederick, Page, Rappahannock, Shenandoah, and Warren counties along with Lord Fairfax Community College to promote interest and education in the health professions. Today’s high school student becomes tomorrow’s health professional engaged in exciting career pathways.

During the ONE WEEK Academy selected participants take a Student Development course (SDV101- college credit) at LFCC designed to assist students with transition from high school to college. Participants also engage in hands-on learning activities at Winchester Medical Center, Shenandoah University, and LFCC. Obtain a Health Science Academy application from your school counselors and submit by March 8.  Selection of students announced April 5. Scholarships are available.


  1. Explore multiple roles in the health professions
  2. Introduce the hospital, college, and university settings
  3. Participate in teractive skills and activities
  4. Complete an LFCC college level course (1 credit)
  5. Explore the foundation needed for success with college level courses
  6. Have fun learing!

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Extended Year Calendar - Parents and Community

Over the last several months, Warren County Public Schools has been exploring an extended year calendar and discussing changes that might benefit our students. 

An extended year calendar will continue to have 180 school days.  In an extended year calendar school would start the first part of August and end the middle of June.  There would be a built in break after each nine week advisory.  An extended year calendar offers the opportunity for students to participate in remediation and enrichment after each advisory.  These breaks are called intersessions.  If a student does not participate in remediation or enrichment during the intersession, the intersession week would be a holiday for the student.

This link will take you to a sample extended year calendar.
Extended Year Calendar (Spreadsheet Version)
Extended Year Calendar (List View)

Please take a few minutes to complete the short survey located at https://goo.gl/forms/WKyAKtk49o9ahbxe2.

Extendended School Year Calendar

For Discussion Only


15- Professional Day
26- Professional Day
29- Professional Day
30- Professional Day
31- Professional Day


1- First day of School


2- Holiday
9- Professional Day


4- End of Nine Weeks
7-11- Fall Break/ Intersession
14- Professional Day


5- Professional Day
27-29- Holiday


20- End of Nine Weeks
23 - 31- Holiday


1 - 3- Holiday
6 - 8- Winter Break/ Intersession
9 - 10- Professional Day/ Intersession
20- Holiday


17- Professional Day


20- Professional Day
23 - 27- Spring Break/ Intersession
30 - 31- Holiday


1 - 3 - Holiday
13 - Holiday


1- Professional Day
25- Holiday


12- Last Day of School
15 - 19- Summer Intersessions


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