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Correlates of Effective Schools

     Warren County Public Schools long-range decision-making as well as day-to-day operational practices are based on the Correlates of Effective Schools.  

The Correlates are:

Safe and Orderly Environment:  Business like atmosphere, neat and orderly and has a sense of community and school spirit.

High Expectations for Students and Staff: Teachers believe all students can learn.  A sense of security and confidence permeates the school environment.

Strong Instructional Leadership:  The school administration defines the school mission and goals and consistently communicates these to staff, students, parents, and community.

Clear and Focused Mission:  The school purpose and mission are understood and supported by students, staff, parents and the community.

Opportunity to Learn and Student Time on Task:  Teachers allocate significant time to instruction.

Monitoring Student Achievement:  Schools frequently assess students and programs.

Home, School, and Community Relations:  Parents and community support the mission of the school and are provided roles in achieving the mission.  

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