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Mobile Dentist

Registration for Mobile Dentist

Please enter your zipcode and select your school.  5th grade will need to select the approriate middle school.


Skyline High School 10/2/20 (Fri)

A.S. Rhodes Elementary 10/5/20 (Mon)

Hilda J Barbour Elementary 10/9/20 (Fri)

Ressie Jeffries Elementary 10/15/20-10/16/20 (Thurs-Fri)

Warren County Middle School 10/19/20-10/20/20 (Mon-Tues)includes LFK and HJB 5th grades

Leslie Fox Keyser Elementary 10/22/20-10/23/20 (Thurs-Fri)

E. Wilson Morrison Elementary 10/26/20-10/27/20 (Mon-Tues)

Skyline Middle School 10/29/20-10/30/20 (Thurs-Fri) includes EWM 5th grade

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