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New Teacher Support

New Teacher Support

Beginning teachers face many challenges. Warren County is committed to finding, keeping and supporting effective teachers. Our Teacher Induction Program is designed to reduce the intensity of transition into teaching, improve teacher effectiveness and increase the retention of more highly qualified teachers.


The program begins before the first day of school and continues for two or more years. Induction provides teachers the support they need during the transition from their college training to actual classroom teaching. It also helps principals keep the teachers they hire.


Each school has an induction coordinator who is an expert in classroom management and instructional skills. He/she assists new teachers with subject matter, instructional strategies and classroom management.


Monthly new teacher support group meetings are held for new teachers to share their experiences, voice concerns and cooperatively seek solutions to problems.


New teachers are provided released professional time to observe master teachers. They are given opportunities to develop relationships with veteran teachers as well as administrators, which enhances professional growth.


Teach in Virginia website (link)

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