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Applying to College

Applying to College

  • Determine where you’d like to apply by searching on sites like You can search by location, major, size, cost, etc.
  • Visit the website of the school(s) to which you’re applying and look for an “Admissions”
    link and then “Apply”.
  • Most schools encourage you to apply online at this point, but if there is a print format
    available, you may want to print a copy so that you can pencil in your answers as
    “practice” before entering your information on the actual online version.
  • Once you have submitted your online application or are close to it, ask your guidance
    counselor to send your transcripts to that school. You will need to turn in a Transcript
    Release form from you in order to do this. They are available in your senior packets
    and in Guidance.
  • Check to see if the college requires recommendation letters, counselor reference
    sheets, Secondary School reports, etc. If so, make sure you let your counselor know.
    They can be sent with your transcripts.
  • Please create a Resume of your background and accomplishments. You can use the
    “Information from you for recommendation letter” form to help you identify information
    to be included in your resume. This resume can be used to help you fill out college and
    scholarship applications. You should also give a resume to each person you ask to
    write a recommendation letter. This will help the person recommending you write a
    much more powerful letter for you.
  • Check to see if you need to send “official SAT scores” directly from College Board. Some
    schools will accept your scores included on your transcript. Others require you have
    them sent directly from College Board. If so, you will need to log back into your College
    Board account and have them sent. There is a fee for this.
  • Things to consider when deciding to apply as “Early Decision” …
    ** Is there one school you definitely want to attend above all others, no matter
    ** Is an “Early Decision” status considered binding? If so, in most cases you will
    be required to submit a monetary deposit upon acceptance, which is nonrefundable
    in most cases even if you change your mind at a later date and
    choose to attend somewhere else. Also, some students are concerned that a
    binding agreement lessens the chance of receiving a favorable financial aid
    package from that school since you are already obligated to attend. However,
    this has not been confirmed.
  • Check out the “Financial Aid” link of each college as well. There may be scholarships
    and/or grants for which you can apply now, even before being accepted.
  • The FAFSA will need to be filled out, but is not available for you until after January of the current school year. However, once it is available, you should fill this out as soon as possible.
    You can visit the site now to see what documents will be needed. You and a parent will
    need to apply for a pin number as well. This will all be done at
  • Start checking Skyline’s website, on a regular basis for
    scholarship opportunities. The local scholarship packet will be available there in the
    spring. Check under “Guidance”, then “Scholarships”.
  • In addition to your counselor, Mrs. Crossman  in the School Counseling Office is also available to help you with your plans after high school!


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