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How do I contact the school?
Simply dial 636-0909.

How do I contact the Principal's secretary, Barbara Benson?
Dial 636-0909, press 0.

What if I need to speak with a counselor?
Dial 636-0909, press 2.

How do I reach our resource officer?
Dial 636-0909, press 9.

How do I reach our attendance secretary?

Dial 636-0909, press 1.

How do I request homework?

Dial 636-0909, press 1.

What if I need to talk to an administrator?
Dial 636-0909, select extension 0.  If you wish to speak to Mr. Johnston, Principal of WCMS, press extension 0, to see if he is available or to leave a message. Messages are returned as quickly as possible. If you wish to meet with an administrator, use extension 0, to schedule an appointment for you.

How do I reach the school bookkeeper?
Dial 636-0909, press 0. Our bookkeeper is Mrs. Berryman.

How do I contact the school nurse?
Dial 636-0909, press 3. Our school nurse is Mrs. Gehly.

How do I schedule a meeting with my child's team of teachers?
Dial 636-0909, select 2. Mrs. Benson, will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. You may also call one of your child's teachers to schedule an appointment.

How do I contact my child's teacher?
Email addresses are in the staff directory page of this website. If you wish to call a teacher, dial 636-0909, extension 0. One of our secretaries will connect you if the teacher is available, take a message, or connect you to his or her voice mail. All staff are committed to giving you a timely response.

How do I check my child's lunch account balance?
Dial 636-0909, press 4 or

How do I contact Family Preservation Services?

Dial 636-0909, press 5

How do I contact the cafeteria?

Dial 636-0909, press 4

How do I contact the school librarian, Mrs. Kenney?

Dial 636-0909, press 6

Where do I find more information about Chromebooks?

There is more information on the County website on the Middle School Chromebook page.  




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