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“Stretching the Possibilities at Skyline High School”

Some Things you need to Know
What is Flex Time?
Flex Time is part of the school day. It is a program that offers additional instructional time for students. This instruction is designed to meet the needs of individual students and is appropriate for both remedial and enriched learning. 

What is changing about Flex Time at Skyline High School?
Since opening Skyline High School in the fall of 2007, we have held our Flex Time in the morning from 8:20-8:55. We will now hold Flex Time in the afternoon.

When will Flex Time be Held?
Every day from 2:55-3:30

How does this change the Skyline High School schedule?
1st Block now begins at 8:20. 4th Block now ends at 2:50. (Click here for the complete SHS schedule)

How does this change affect the bus schedule?
It doesn’t. Buses will arrive before 8:20 AM and will depart at 3:30 PM.

What types of services are available during Flex Time?
The list of services is broad and designed to meet the various needs of our student body. Some services include:

  • Math Lab
  • Writing Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Social Studies Lab
  • Foreign Language Lab
  • Writing Lab
  • Reading Lab
  • Academic Study Hall
  • Computer Labs/Library
  • Opportunities to meet with teachers
  • Counseling Services
  • Clubs and Activities
  • Open Gym/Weight Room/Intramural Sports

Are students required to participate in Flex Time?
Yes. If a student has been assigned to a Lab, Study Hall or a meeting with a teacher, they are required to attend. Students who choose not to report to an assigned Flex will be processed through the discipline referral system as if they skipped a regular class.

What if a student has not been assigned to a specific Flex program?
The cafeteria will always be open for students. Study Halls, Library, and Computer Labs will also be available for students. Students may participate in Intramural activities and clubs. Students that are not assigned to a specific Flex program and have their own transportation may leave school at the conclusion of 4th Block (2:50).

What rules apply to the new Skyline High School Flex Program?

  • Only students that have been assigned to a Flex Lab, Study Hall, or teacher meeting will be permitted in the academic classroom area.
  • Students are not allowed to roam around the building. 
  • An assignment can be made verbally or in writing to students. 
  • Students may not leave campus and return to ride a bus.

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